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Forex Rules and Strategies

Decide in Advance on the Type of Action Scenario You Will Be Following. Determining the right moment for entering the market, as well as a timely exit from the trade deal, are the two most important actions in the game. Never start trading in an uncertain situation, and do not try to fix positions opened […]

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Forex Strategy Secrets

Arguably the main and unchanging secret of Forex trading is that the amount of profit depends on the duration of the transaction. The less time you spend on a trade, the higher the likelihood that you will not be able to make a lot of money off of it. In order for profits to grow […]

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6 Free Forex Trading Strategies That Work

In order to trade on the foreign exchange market, you need to know some of its practical and theoretical foundations. There is a minimum, without which you simply cannot trade and will quickly lose your money. Therefore, spending a few minutes reading this article will not be in vain, and, perhaps, will save you from […]

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